ent Silver Moment 12MIX 歌詞

ent Silver Moment 12MIXの歌詞を提供しています。 『Silver Moment 12MIX』とはentさんが2017/01/11に発売された楽曲です。

Silver Moment 12MIX 歌詞

曲名:Silver Moment 12MIX





I wake up in a quiet morning
Nothing moves in my sight
I don't know when I fell asleep
I wanna know when I can see you again

I wake up in the tender sunlight
No one is on my side
I don't know where the bus is going to
I wanna go to somewhere I can see the sky

Sky is still open clearly
Silver lining clouds
She is still sleeping soundly
Silver shining snow
This is not sad song
This is not sad story
This is not bad dream
This is not sad song

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