SE7EN Feel The Fire 歌詞

SE7EN Feel The Fireの歌詞を提供しています。 『Feel The Fire』とはSE7ENさんが2016/12/07に発売された楽曲です。

Feel The Fire 歌詞

曲名:Feel The Fire





You ready to feel the fire?
Yeah yeah she gonna burn it down
Oh no…is it hell or heaven? 3-4-5-6-SE7EN
You ready to feel the fire?

Fever fever's in control
Cannot turn it down
She's so irresistible
Try to catch her now

Can't you see that you're never gonna get her
(Running Run Running, Running Run Running)
Possibly, but you're never gonna get her
(Running Running Tonight)

Would you like to feel the fire
So wrong it's right, Look out, Look out
(She's a changer Heat exchanger)
(Look out danger Look out danger)
(She's no stranger Darker angel)
(Look out danger Look out danger)

Feel the Fire coming, You gotta keep on running! (C'mon)
(So Don't stay…G-Gotta keep running!)
She's Run-N-Gunning, Ignite you with her loving (C'mon)
(It's insane, you just gotta keep running)

(Ah) She's so cool
(Ah) She's so hot
You gambled and look's like you're caught

Feel the Fire
Feel the Fire Blaze

She's the flame inside your soul
Cannot calm her down
Like a raging inferno
She will you burn you down

Slow down and take a breath
She's tracked your every step
It's time to close your eyes, oh no~
Come a little close to the fire
Go ahead and give into desire
Now you're mine

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