Predawn Black & White 歌詞

Predawn Black & Whiteの歌詞を提供しています。 『Black & White』とはPredawnさんが2016/09/21に発売された楽曲です。

Black & White 歌詞

曲名:Black & White





Look at the same moon
I see the white you see the black

I smell a cantaloupe off your yellow green
And it frowns up at my face

And you say you're starved for something else
That I'd enjoy it everyday
You look sick and tired and you say
“I have done before, done before”
All the time

My heart is bleeding fast
And it makes my eyes shut aloud
But I can't afford to buy a new tourniquet

You feel starved for something new
That I'd enjoy it for my time
You look sick and tired and you say
That you have done before, done before
All the time

I'm not amazed at your big surprise out of a sense of guilt
But look at the same sky and we'd say it's beautiful

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