Predawn Skipping Ticks 歌詞

Predawn Skipping Ticksの歌詞を提供しています。 『Skipping Ticks』とはPredawnさんが2016/09/21に発売された楽曲です。

Skipping Ticks 歌詞

曲名:Skipping Ticks





She's been in the basement
Trying to hide from all
The days, the nights, land and sea
Talking to a ball of yarn

Shutting her sleepless eyes
To the world that she left, if she did

Thought that she could name them
And it could spare someone
As she saw herself in a mirror
Slightly steamed with her sigh

The tear that's not going to dry
And the fear that she gets used to

The words that she hates for the reason she hates
Hollows of dreaming of the past
The prayer for the dead who got a slap in the face
Feeling of picking up a broken cup

Still doesn't want to mend her ways
For the purity of blue after rain

To the world that she left, if she did

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